If anyone is watching.

Well this is my first post on WordPress. I have moved here from another blogging site, only because this one seems to be much more usable and readable. This is intended to be the record of a journey to a Post Grad Masters in Development and Sustainability. I must admit, it did seem like the most unlikely thing for me to be doing this year. It feels like it’s a little bit too self-indulgent and such a luxury, but despite the guilt , here I am. My amazing wife has encouraged me every step of the way. At time of writing, I am about to complete the first semester. Three to go.



4 Responses to “If anyone is watching.”

  1. mothincarnate Says:

    I must say, it is excellently put together and you put more effort than myself to professionally reference your posts.
    I too am heavily focused on sustainable practices and try to take a common sense argument in my post – which also had me labelled as an alarmist by Roger.
    C’est la vie.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • djmcau Says:

      Thanks for the comment and feedback. Appreciated. I hope to find some time to do a bit more posting on other issues inthe next couple of weeks

  2. inafutureage Says:

    Hello, I am in a Sustainable MBA program at Marlboro College. Where are you at school? Nice blog. I started my own recently, and am trying to keep up with it along with all of my course work. Kudos on all the references.


    • djmcau Says:

      Hi Rob
      I am at Bond University in Aus doing a Maters in Urban Development and Sustainability and a Grad Cert in Carbon Management. The blog really helps the learning process I recommend it. Most of the posts are summaries of academic papers I have submitted so the referencing just carries across. I thoroughly recommend trying to summarise an issue in 1000 words. It really forces you to be succinct. Thanks for the comment and the feedback, its appreciated.

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