Black Soldier Fly (and their babies)

Just wanted to add this post on Soldier flies. Amazing little creatures that they are. If you read no further , this is the link I recommend. It explains everything and got me started on this little side track. There are other links from this page too.

I discovered these little treasures after a trip to the compost bin one morning. I noticed initially that the volume of waste had reduced considerably, (about 50%) which was great, but what I also noticed was what looked like an infestation of maggots, which was not so great. So off to the internet I went in search of info on how to get maggots out of a compost bin.

Luckily I noticed a small article about soldier fly larvae and how amazing they are when visiting your compost bin. After checking and re checking (including a couple more trips to the compost and a collected sample to check against pictures on the net), I realised that my maggot infestation was actually Soldier Fly Grubs. (or larvae)

These amazing little creatures basically exist to consume our waste. They have a pretty bad rep what with looking a lot like maggots and all but the job they do is incredible. Not only will they convert waste to compost in a matter of hours (as opposed to days and weeks in the worm bin or months in a conventional compost heap) but what they leave behind is great worm food.  They actually speed up the worms process.

After moving a few rotting mangoes and apples around I realised that the bin is literally heaving with these grubs. (An explanation for the 50% reduction in waste volume) These are some amazing stats on the volume of waste these grubs can consume. They eat anything including meat, citrus, and onion bits but can also reduce waste volume by about 95% in pretty short order.

I do have a break coming up so I have a project scheduled to make the compost bin a bit more BSF friendly. I will post the results. 

Meet the project manager


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